Touch Network, our community partner: helping communities share their stories

With the concept of storytelling in mind, we wanted to harness some of the inspiring and creative arts and wellbeing activities in Southampton, and draw on the expertise of those who have the skills and knowledge to help us create a more meaningful event.

Enter Debs Carter at Touch Network…

Touch Network is a not-for-profit charity who run storytelling workshops, with the aim of helping people to confidently talk about their story through celebration events held in coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other interesting and sociable places.

Local people and communities are invited to come and connect with real-life stories in a safe and relaxing environment. Touch Network addresses wellbeing needs in a non-stigmatizing way, enabling people to talk about their lives, connect and have fun in a positive and inspirational way, without it feeling or looking like a ‘wellbeing’ or ‘mental health’ event (which can often act as a barrier for people).

Using this platform to share and hear stories, attendees of Touch Network’s events cheer each other on, learn from each other, and feel more inspired, hopeful and resilient.

We met with Debra Carter, founder of Touch Network in the development of Reaching Out, and she quickly became an invaluable partner, working with us to plan the storytelling activity. Debs has extensive experience of running community outreach events in a dynamic, creative and approachable way, and will facilitate our upcoming storytelling event.


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