Welcome Alex, our Independent Public Advisor

It is with great pleasure we would like to introduce Alex Ivancevic; who has taken on the role of our independent public contributor, helping oversee the project, providing an external perspective and accountability to the team.

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Alex works for West Itchen Community Trust, a social enterprise established for the community development and regeneration of inner-city Southampton. WICT’s vision is: To work as an independent Trust to continue with the regeneration of the West Itchen area, to champion its needs and to assist the aspirations of the people living and working there.

Image result for west itchen community trust

Alex has an incredible wealth knowledge, and insight into the rich, vibrant and culturally diverse groups living in inner city Southampton. He trained as a Community Organiser (under the National Community Organising programme) and uses the community organising approach in his work – which is all about direct engagement with a wide range of communities in Southampton and supporting collective action.

Alex: “I am a passionate believer in local governance and participation. I believe people should have more say and be given more direct involvement in shaping and reflecting public services”.

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